Dean’s Clinical Excellence Award


Honors faculty demonstrating clinical excellence and exemplary service to patients.


$1,500 and a gift


late June, 2020 (date TBD)

Who Is Eligible

Any active member of the clinical staff who is in good standing may be nominated by their department leadership (chair, division chief, etc.) for this award. Eligible nominees must have served at least three years as a member of the clinical staff at UVa Medical Center and not have received this award in the past three years.

Selection Process

The Selection Committee will review all nominations and select up to five awardees. The selection committee consists of the President of the Clinical Staff, who will chair the selection committee that is comprised of the Vice President of the Clinical Staff, the Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, three previous recipients of this award, and all previous recipients of the Master Clinician Award.

The committee is advisory to the Dean who will make the final selection.

Award Presentation

The award winners will be announced by the Dean. The Dean will notify each awardee’s Department Chair and the Dean’s Office will be responsible for appropriate publicity in University and non-University publications.

List of Past Recipients

Although individual physicians may practice differently depending on personality, specialty, and location, there are certain characteristics common to most good practices and the best physicians excel in many or most of them.

  1. Demonstrate at an exemplary level: the UVA Health System’s ASPIRE values
  2. Esteemed by Colleagues and Referring Physicians: Is recognized for high quality care which incorporates state-of-the art practice management with ability to communicate clinical information in a timely manner.
  3. Shows Compassion: Exercises sensitivity to the individual patient’s situation and provides supporting and nurturing care to the human condition.
  4. Knows the Clinical Field: Is familiar with, understands, and uses the best, most rigorous information to shape his/her practice.
  5. Demonstrates High Skill Level: Has mastered and demonstrates facility in difficult technical procedures and can show that skill level influences patient outcomes.
  6. Is Innovative: Creates new approaches in delivering care, generates new techniques or extends previous knowledge into new areas or indications.
  7. Continually Improves Practice: Builds on existing knowledge and experience to continually monitor success of and improve practice.
  8. Is Accessible to Patients and Other Physicians: Responds to requests for service in a timely and efficient manner.
  9. Practices Efficiently: Uses time and resources well; patients are managed with minimal waits and few delays.
  10. Is Thorough and Complete: Uses care and appropriate deliberation in decision-making balancing appropriateness and efficiency.
  11. Practices Effective Medicine: Can demonstrate that practice patterns and behaviors have net positive outcomes on health status of patients.
  12. Exhibits Respect: Treats patients, colleagues, nurses, staff, students, trainees, family members, and coworkers with respect; values human dignity in all interactions.
  13. Manages Resources Well: Is mindful of priorities, costs and benefits of options for patient’s treatment.
  14. Shows Dedication to Patient Care: Is committed to high output and productivity in clinical activities.
  15. Involves Patients in Their Own Care: Helps patients maintain commitment and involvement in their care process by asking opinions and supporting self-reliance.
  16. Has a High Level of Personal Involvement: Displays a sense of personal commitment as an individual to the care and well-being of patients.
  17. Practices Conscientiously: Takes responsibilities seriously; makes decisions based more on the needs of patients; takes the professional responsibilities of medicine seriously.
Nomination Packet Should Include
Packet Submittal

Send an electronic copy of the nomination packet as a single PDF through the below button.
Contact Ashley Ayers
(434) 924-8497

Submit A Packet
  • An up-to-date curriculum vitae
  • A nominating letter not to exceed three pages
  • A one-page summary which quantifies the nominees’ clinical activities; e.g., patient volumes, RVU generation relative to benchmarks
  • Up to five letters of endorsement of which two should be from referring physicians or  clinicians outside the nominee’s department, including physician colleagues and/or other members of the clinical staff or health system, e.g., nurses
  • A statement from the nominee’s department chair or division chief that attests to the nominee’s exemplary demonstration of the UVA Health System’s ASPIRE values.