Academy for Excellence in Education

History and Mission

The Academy of Distinguished Educators was founded by the Dean of the School of Medicine in 2003 to provide an organizational structure that would recognize, reward and promote excellence in education. The Academy recognized numerous teachers and educators at the School of Medicine. This Academy has been instrumental in developing grant programs and education sessions for the University of Virginia faculty each year.


Going forward, the School of Medicine has chosen to build a new academy on this foundation that will continue to offer opportunities similar to those from previous years and build new programs for the membership. Working with a steering committee representing multiple facets of the School of Medicine, I have been asked to lead this transition. The Steering Committee is currently exploring ways to engage and honor our current membership, invite new participants, and serve all faculty teachers within the School of Medicine. With an expanded offering of faculty development opportunities and continued grant support, we hope to build an inclusive academy for all educators and provide expanded opportunities for involvement. In creating a community of educators and learners, we hope to build on the success of the Academy of Distinguished Educators within the medical and biomedical arenas.

In the spring of 2020, we plan to unveil our new academy with membership materials, applications, and the new grant application process. We are excited for this transition and hope you will be interested in joining our community at that time.

Neeral Shah, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine – GI/Hepatology
Chair, Educators’ Academy Steering Committee

Steering Committee Membership

  • Nicole Chiota-McCollum, MD, Assistant Professor of Neurology
  • Katharine C. DeGeorge, MD, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
  • Tajie H. Harris, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
  • Rachel H. Kon, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Irene P. Mathieu, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
  • M. Kathryn Mutter, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
  • Angie G. Nishio Lucar, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Andrew S. Parsons, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • William C. Petersen, Jr., MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
  • Rebecca J. Scharf, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics
  • Neeral Shah, MD, Committee Chair and Associate Professor of Medicine
  • Michael C. Spaeder, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics
  • Karen M. Warburton, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine
  • Leora T. Yarboro, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery