ADE Grants

ADE Medical Education Research Grant Program

Created by the Academy in 2004, the ADE Medical Education Research Grant Program provides funding for two types of projects:  1. Medical education research and 2. Innovations in medical education.  All proposals must be related to the improvement of undergraduate medical education (UME) and the Principal Investigator or at least one of the Co-Principal Investigators of the proposal must be a faculty member in the School of Medicine with a rank of Assistant Professor or higher.  Additional information about the ADE grants program can be obtained from Larry Merkel or Bob Bloodgood.


YearProposals SubmittedProposals FundedSuccess rate

Funded Proposals By Year

2017A simulation-based educational program to improve and assess medical student bag-valve ventilation (BMV) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques for EPA #12: A crossover study.Vaia T. AbatisUME$ 50,000 2
2017Evaluation of headset-based virtual reality in physical exam trainingThomas R. HartkaUME$ 14,4401
2017From chief complaint to a high-value diagnostic-therapeutic pathway: A just-in-time tool for students on the Internal Medicine ClerkshipAndrew ParsonsUME$ 12,9791
2016Reducing Burnout and Fostering Resilience in third-Year Medical StudentsRachel KonUME$ 50,0002
2016Keeping Patient Care Alive during the PhD Education and ResearchAnne ChapinUME$ 5,0001
2016It Takes TeamworkFlorence E. (Beth) TurrentineUME$ 15,0001
2015Objective Motion Metrics for Surgical TrainingSara K. RasmussenUME$ 12,0001
2015Development and evaluation of Online Geriatrics Curriculum on Fall and Fall Prevention for the 3rd and 4th Year medical Students at UVaHuai ChengUME$ 12,0001
2015Web or Mobile Computing Based GI/Hepatology Case PrimerNeeral ShahUME$ 12,0001
2015Resident Educator Simulation WorkshopAllison BechtelUME$ 44,0002
2014Innovations in Toxicological Education Through Mock Patient Cases and Critical Peer-to-Peer EvaluationChristopher P. HolstegeUME$ 15,0001
2014Validation of the DiRECT (Digital Rectal Exam Clinical Tool)Tracey KrupskiUME$ 43,9802
2013Medical Student Role Playing as Consultants in Liver Tumor BoardFritz AngleUME$ 14,1001
2013Prospective comparison of Cusum-Guidance versus Standard Instruction for Basic technical Skills Training Among Medical StudentsSara RasmussenUME$ 45,0002
2013Transition to Surgical ResidencyAnneke SchroenUME$ 14,9721
2013A Study of the Impact and Student Perceptions of a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Pre-Matriculation Course for UVa med studentsSelina NoramlyUME$ 5,9281
2012Promoting Communication by integrating the electronic medical record into undergraduate medical education.Stephen BorowitzUME$ 42,5002
2012Teaching pain management to undergraduate medical and nursing students using an interprofessional approach.Jennifer R. MarksUME$ 42,5002
2012Internship Boot Camp: critical decision-making and procedural skills for the first year on call.Kathryn Mutter and Mark SochorUME$ 15,0001
2011Hand-held Ultrasonography by medical students: impact on clinical assessment of emergency department patients.James H. MoakUME$ 25,0001
2011An evaluation of observation and feedback in SBIRT education with medical undergraduates...Jennifer HettemaUME$ 25,0002
2011Training lumbar puncture with CSF collection and opening pressure manometry in the lateral decubitus position to MS-3 students utilizing a high fidelity simulator during neurology clerkship.Priscilla F. PotterUME$ 15,0001
2011Creating a digital rectal exam proficiency tool.Tracey L. KrupskiUME$ 15,0001
2010 Live models versus pelvic ultrasound simulators for teaching transvaginal sonography.James H. MoakUME$ 44,0002
2010Validation of a novel ear model to teach clinical skills: A controlled multi-institutional diagnostic trial and analysis of procedural learning styles.
Meg KeeleyUME$ 44,0002
2010Development of an end-of-life care collaborative behaviors assessment tool.Leslie BlackhallUME$ 12,0001
2009Law and Medicine: What are the medical students learning?Patricia TereskerzUME$ 15,0001
2009Enhanced integration of education in quality improvement principles during cardiovascular student selective experience.John M. DentUME$ 30,0002
2009Sonography education for students: Use of the RAM Wise, VA event to teach clinical skills.Shannon LareseUME$ 15,0001
2009Mastery of key concepts in shock by the third year medical students immediately following either a problem based learning discussion or a full-scale medical simulation sessionKeith LittlewoodUME$ 10,0001
2009A novel approach to “See One, Do One”: video presentations before procedure workshops.Amita SudhirUME$ 8,4031
2008Assessment of a novel ear model for teaching clinical skillsMeg G. KeeleyUME$ 50,0002
2008The critical importance of retrieval for learning in medical educationMary Kate WordenUME$ 17,2722
2007Passive versus active student learning: comparing the effectiveness of three teaching formats for learning and long term retention of lecture material by medical students.Mary Kate WordenUME$ 19,5522
2007Enhancing students= ability to recognize clinical clues using the AWar Games@ medical simulation.Jeffrey S. YoungUME$ 49,8062
2006Painful conversations: How to learn to say what no one wants to hearDaniel BeckerUME $ 30,0002
2006Physical simulators for training clinical palpitation skillsMarcus MartinUME$ 50,0002
2006Professionalism in tomorrow=s healthcare systemDonna ChenUME$ 20,0001
2005Study to evaluate didactic learning in a family medicine clerkshipAnne MounseyUME$ 22,5002
2005Measuring resident performance in the NICU: how much experience is required to interpret the bedside flowsheet?Patrick BrownGME$ 20,0002
2005Evaluating competence in system-based practice and practice-based learningJohn VossGME$ 50,0002
2004Medical error training for housestaffMargaret Plews-OganGME$ 25,0002
2004Is web-based learning an effective alternative to traditional lecture-discussions?John GazewoodUME$ 27,0412
2004Empathy and emotional intelligenceJulia ConnellyUME$ 8,0001
2004Assessment of predictors of participation in rural practiceJohn OwenUME$ 17,9481
2004Pediatric home visit programNancy PayneGME$ 22,0002