2008 Poster Session

Fourth UVa School of Medicine Medical Education Poster Session

February 2008

poster session 2008 1

The Medical Education Research Subcommittee of the Academy of Distinguished Educators (ADE) held the fourth Medical Education Poster Session at the University of Virginia School of Medicine on February 18-22, 2008, in front of the Health Sciences Library. For the first time, poster abstracts were accepted in two categories: 1) medical education research and 2) innovations in medical education. Twenty-seven abstracts were submitted (approximately half in each category); after peer review of the abstracts, it was decided to accept all of them for presentation. There were 23 abstracts on research related to undergraduate medical education (UME), 7 abstracts on research related to graduate medical education (GME), 1 abstract related to continuing medical education (CME) and 1 abstract related to the Academy of Distinguished Educators (ADE) medical education research grants program. Medical students were authors on a larger number of posters than usual. In addition, this year’s poster session had many more posters related to basic science courses (Gross Anatomy, Neuroscience, Social issues in Medicine) than in the past. One of the posters (#6 by Mary Kate Worden) reported work from one of the ADE medical education research grants.

Click here to access the index of abstracts presented and the full abstracts.

For the first time, this year’s poster session was coupled to an invited outside speaker in the area of medical education research. Dr. Janet Hafler, Dean for Educational Development at Tuft’s University School of Medicine gave the Medical Center Hour talk on February 20th on the subject of “Beyond, not by, the numbers: qualitative research in medical education”. The annual social event was held on Wednesday evening, February 20th to honor Dr. Hafler and all the UVa faculty, residents and students involved in medical education research and curriculum innovation; Dean Hostler spoke on the subject of medical education and recognized many of the UVa leaders in medical education.

The goals of the reception and the poster session were to highlight the medical education research currently being conducted at the School of Medicine and to increase interest in medical education research among the faculty by highlighting examples of good medical education research, by publicizing the Faculty Development Session dealing with medical education research in preparation for the 5th round of ADE medical education research grants (due date for proposals is April 28, 2008).

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The poster session and reception were organized by Bob Bloodgood and Jim Martindale on behalf of the Academy of Distinguished Educators, with assistance from Elizabeth Graham, Gretchen Arnold and Wilma Lynch. Copies of the Abstract Booklet from this year’s (and from previous years) ADE poster session are available from Bob Bloodgood.