2013 Poster Session

Ninth UVa School of Medicine Medical Education Poster Session

March 2013


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The Medical Education Research Subcommittee of the Academy of Distinguished Educators (ADE) held the ninth annual Medical Education Poster Session at the University of Virginia School of Medicine on March 25-29, 2013, in front of the Health Sciences Library.  This was the 1st year that poster abstracts were accepted in three different categories: 1) medical education research and 2) innovations in medical education and 3) big ideas in medical education.  Thirty-five abstracts were submitted; all abstracts were reviewed and rated by six reviewers. 27 were accepted for presentation. There were 13 abstracts on medical education research, 13 posters describing innovations in medical education and 3 posters presenting big ideas in medical education. Four of the research projects were funded by the ADE medical education grants program.  There were 21 abstracts related to undergraduate medical education (UME), 10 abstracts related to graduate medical education (GME) and 1 abstract related to continuing medical education (CME).  This year, a significant proportion of the abstracts addressed topics related to the Next Generation medical curriculum.  Medical students were first authors on at least 2 of the posters and the sole authors of one of the posters.

As has become the custom, this year’s poster session was part of an inclusive Medical Education Week of activities. Dr. Arnold P. Gold and Dr. Sandra Gold were the special invited guests and the 4th recipients of the Anne L. Brodie Medical Education Scholar Award.  As a part of this award, Dr. Sandra Gold and Dr. Arnold Gold visited UVa SoM for two days and met with many groups at the School of Medicine in addition to presenting the Medical Center Hour talk on March 27th on the subject of “Humanism as Activism: Preparing Future Champions in the New Medicine”.  Dr. Arnold Gold and Dr. Sandra Gold started the Arnold P. Gold Foundation (www.gold-foundation.org) which has provided grants to medical schools throughout the United States in the area of medical humanism. Over the years there have been many collaborations between the Gold Foundation and UVa SoM including a Gold Foundation grant for home visits in the Pediatrics Department; a conversation with Leigh Grossman that led to the founding of the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS); support from the Gold Foundation for the establishment of the Convocation and White Coat Ceremony; establishment of a UVa chapter of the GHHS; annual selection of Leonard Tow excellence in teaching and humanism in medicine awards for residents (~4 per year); annual selection of the Leonard Tow Faculty Humanism in Medicine Awardee; grant funding for student projects related to humanism in Medicine; and grant funding for a faculty project in teaching humanism to residents.

The annual ADE social event was held on Wednesday evening, March 27th, to honor Drs. Sandra and Arnold Gold as well as all of the UVa faculty, residents and students involved in medical education research and curriculum innovation; Dean Steven DeKosky made remarks about the state of medical education at UVa.

The goals of the reception and the poster session were to highlight the medical education research and curriculum innovations currently being conducted at the School of Medicine and to increase interest in medical education research and innovation among the faculty by highlighting examples of good medical education research and innovations in medical education.  The 10th round of ADE medical education research and innovation grants were awarded in June of 2013.


Printed copies of the Abstract Booklet from this year’s (and those from previous years) ADE poster session are available from Bob Bloodgood.The poster session and reception were organized by Bob Bloodgood on behalf of the Academy of Distinguished Educators, with major assistance from Ashley Ayers and Wilma Lynch.  Dr. Eugene Corbett and Dr. Evan Heald coordinated the activities associated with the Anne L. Brodie Medical Education Award.