2014 Poster Session

Tenth UVa School of Medicine Medical Education Poster Session

Part of Medical Education Week – March 3-7, 2014

2014 Poster Session image 1

Photo (left to right): Dean Nancy Dunlap; Dr. Eugene Corbett; Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan, Brodie Award Winner.

The Medical Education Research Subcommittee of the Academy of Distinguished Educators (ADE) held the tenth annual Medical Education Poster Session at the University of Virginia School of Medicine on March 3-7, 2014, as an integral part of Medical Education Week.  This was the 2nd year that poster abstracts were accepted in three different categories: 1) medical education research and 2) innovations in medical education and 3) big ideas in medical education. No abstracts were submitted in the category of “Big Ideas in Medical Education” and this category will be dropped for future poster sessions. All submitted poster abstracts were accepted for presentation.  Twenty-six posters were presented: thirteen covering medical education research and twelve covering innovations in medical education. One poster covered the LCME reaccreditation process. Nineteen posters covered aspects of UME; six posters covered aspects of GME; one poster covered CME. Seven of the posters presented projects that were funded by the ADE Medical Education Grants Program, funded by the Dean’s Office.

Click here to access the index of posters presented and the poster abstracts.

As has become the custom, this year’s poster session was part of an inclusive Medical Education Week of activities. Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan, Professor of Medicine and Health Policy at The George Washington School of Public Health and Health Services was the special invited guest and the 5th recipient of the Anne L. Brodie Medical Education Scholar Award.  As a part of this award, Dr. Fitzhugh visited UVa SoM for two days and met with many groups at the School of Medicine in addition to presenting the Medical Center Hour talk on March 5th on the subject of “Medical Education and the Soul of Medicine”.

The annual ADE social event was held on Wednesday evening, March 5th, to honor Dr. Fitzhugh as well as all of the UVa faculty, residents and students involved in medical education research and curriculum innovation; Dean Nancy Dunlap presented remarks about the state of medical education at UVa, followed by additional remarks by Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan, our Brodie Award recipient.

A new feature was added to Medical Education Week this year. Four of the medical education research posters from the 2013 poster session were selected by a committee to be presented as 30 minute talks, 2 of them presented on Tuesday and 2 of them presented on Thursday of Medical Education Week. The four talks were:

  • Dr. Yinin Hu: “Impact of Preclinical Course Performance on NBME Shelf Exam Performance”
  • Dr. Keith Littlewood: “Medical Students Demonstrate Better Understanding of Shock Following Simulation Than After Case-based Discussion”
  • Dr. James Moak: “Training in Trans-vaginal Sonography Using Pelvic Ultrasound Simulators Versus Live Models: A Randomized Controlled Trial”
  • Dr. Meg Keeley: “Validation of a Novel Ear Model to Teach Pneumatic Otoscopy: A Controlled Multi-institutional Diagnostic Trial”

The quality of the talks was excellent but the attendance was not as good as we had hoped. It was decided to continue this same procedure during the 2015 Medical Education Week coupled with increased efforts to advertise these talks.

The goals of the reception and the poster session, indeed the entire Medical Education Week, was to highlight the medical education research and curriculum innovations currently being conducted at the School of Medicine and to increase interest in medical education research and innovation among the faculty by highlighting examples of good medical education research and innovations in medical education.  The 11th round of ADE medical education research and innovation grants were subsequently awarded in June of 2014.2014 Poster Session image 2

The poster session and reception were organized by Bob Bloodgood on behalf of the Academy of Distinguished Educators, with major assistance from Ashley Ayers and Wilma Lynch. Dr. Evan Heald, Dr. Eugene Corbett and the Brodie Award Committee coordinated the activities associated with the Anne L. Brodie Medical Education Award.

Printed copies of the Abstract Booklet from this year’s (and those from previous years) ADE poster session are available from Bob Bloodgood.