Endowed Professorships


Full-time faculty at or above the rank of Associate Professor (regardless of tenure status) are eligible to be elected to a department’s vacant endowed professorship.

Nominees are asked to submit a current CV, documentation of excellence in the area recognized by the endowment, and a list of referees.  For more information, please request our Endowed Professorship SOP from Sue Weiss.  The sponsoring department chair is also asked to submit a letter of nomination.

The nomination process includes input from internal and external colleagues, review at the School and Provost levels, and final approval by the Board of Visitors.  The process can take 4-6 months, depending on the timing of Board of Visitors meetings.  Once formally elected by the BoV, new chair holders will receive a wooden captain’s chair (pictured above), affixed with a brass plaque listing the details of their professorship.

Please contact Sue Weiss for additional information, or to initiate a nomination.

Related policies: School of Medicine Policy 1.905: Appointment, Review, and Renewal of Endowed Professorships in the School of Medicine; Provost Policy: Appointment of Endowed and Eminent Scholars Chairs.