P&T Forms

Promotion and Tenure-related Forms

Department P&T Recommendation Form

The Department P&T Recommendation Form is completed by a department’s P&T Committee based on their review of the candidate’s submitted portfolio.  It is submitted to the department chair, and then to the Dean’s Office with the chair’s nomination letter.

Job Description Summary

The first item of the Candidate Information section, the Job Description Summary should be completed by the faculty member in conversation with their department chair or division chief, to ensure that the effort allocation accurately represents their current responsibilities.

Candidate Waiver

Due to a change in the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (section 2.2-3705.4(2)), promotion materials are now exempt from FOIA disclosure.  Signing the Candidate Waiver is no longer requested of promotion and tenure candidates.

 Annual Faculty Performance Review

Annual review forms and additional information can be found on the Annual Reviews Processes and Forms webpage (link).