Department Committees

Suggested Guidelines for Departmental P&T Committee

  1. Minimum number of voting members: 3
  2. The Department P&T Committee may include faculty from outside the department (from elsewhere in the School of Medicine or on Grounds).  The department chair may be an ex-officio, non-voting member.
  3. Members of the department P&T committee may discuss and cast votes on candidates whose proposed rank is at or below their own rank.
  4. The department P&T committee must review the candidate’s complete portfolio, including the internal and external letters of reference.
  5. The department P&T committee recommends action to the department chair, via the completion of the Department P&T Committee Recommendation Form. The department chair makes the final decision about advancing or not advancing a candidate to be reviewed by the School of Medicine, and this may involve not accepting the recommendation of their department’s committee.
  6. The chair or the chair-designate is responsible for notifying the candidate of their decision(favorable or unfavorable) in a timely manner. Any constructive feedback from the committee should be shared with the candidate.
  7. For candidates subsequently reviewed by the SoM P&T Committee, the chair and/or division chief will write a Letter of Nomination to the dean that should expand upon the rationale written by the department P&T committee, and why the chair does or does not agree with it.