Tenure-ineligible Faculty Promotions

Tenure-ineligible faculty promotions

The newly approved PROV-004: Employment of Academic General Faculty Members (Tenure-Ineligible) is silent on the issue of the contribution of part-time faculty work towards time in rank.  From that policy:

“Academic General Faculty Members holding the rank of assistant professor may choose to be considered for promotion to associate professor after serving six continuous years… In extraordinary circumstances, the faculty member’s supervisor or manager (usually a department chair, associate dean, or dean) and the faculty member may agree that a faculty member at the assistant professor rank is ready to be considered for promotion prior to the seventh year of continuous service. Promotion review, including consideration for early review, will be conducted in accordance with the school’s policies for Academic General Faculty Members.”

The School of Medicine will continue to consider Academic General Faculty Members for promotion in their sixth year of continuous service.  For the purposes of calculating time in rank, each year of appointment at 0.60 FTE or greater will be considered as contributing one year to “time in rank”.


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