Scholarship is defined as original work that is a dissemination of ideas and findings to colleagues who critically evaluate the substance and implications of the scholarly work and its impact on the profession. All original work that is peer reviewed and disseminated should be considered as ‘scholarship’.  Publications that are distributed before review or without review and receive post-review critique are acceptable (e.g. books, blogs, web sites, etc.).  Referees are asked to comment on the impact of publications. Demonstrated impact, regardless of the medium of dissemination, is the critical criteria.

Journal impact factors, citation numbers, social media metrics, evaluation by external and internal reviewers are all appropriate metrics.  In addition, acceptance (through a peer review process) for oral presentation in national forums and post-publication reviews/comments are also appropriate metrics to demonstrate the impact of scholarly work.

Scholarship is required for advancement on all faculty tracks in the SOM, however track-specific scholarship expectations vary.  The School of Medicine track descriptions provide detailed promotion criteria, including information regarding scholarly expectations, for each of the SOM tracks.  For the tenure ineligible Clinical Faculty track where little, if any, time is protected for scholarly publication, a new emphasis will be added regarding the importance and significance of orally presented peer-reviewed scholarly work in national forums.


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