Participant Scholarly Projects

Name Department Scholarly Project Mentor
Virginia Andersen Psychiatry/Neurobehavioral Sciences Impact of Behavioral Medicine on Healthcare Utilization Amit Shahane
Patrick Cottler Plastic Surgery Increased rate of biointegration of DermACELL acellular dermal matrix through the inclusion of fenestrations Chris Campbell
Brent DeGeorge Plastic Surgery Correlation of Patient-Generated Activity Monitoring with Patient-Related Outcomes Instruments: Steps to Improved Carpal Tunnel Care Bobby Chhabra
Josh Easter Emergency Medicine Impact of the PECARN Mild Head Injury Decision Rule
Katherine Fedder Otolaryngology Identifying and Maximizing Resident Learning Style Brad Kesser
Shrirang Gadrey Medicine Comparing the performance of competing sets of clinical criteria used to operationalize sepsis Garrett Rhodes, William Clay, Chris Moore
Andrea Garrod Pediatrics Cystic fibrosis inpatient experience of patients, families, and medical providers Joanne Mendoza, Lynn McDaniel, Rhonda List, Debbie Froh
Elizabeth Gaughan Medicine Management of Immune-related Adverse Events at UVA Robert Dreicer
David Hamilton Psychiatry/Neurobehavioral Sciences Melatonin vs. Ramelteon for the Prevention of ICU Delirium Anita Clayton
Thomas Hartka Emergency Medicine Evaluation of Machine Learning for Assignment of Triage Severity Level in the Emergency Department Mark Sochor, Jacalyn Huband
John McNeil Anesthesiology The Perioperative Surgical Home: taking the third-year medical student clerkship beyond the operating room Keith Littlewood
Angie Nishio-Lucar Medicine Improving access to kidney transplant for Hispanic minorities in the state of Virginia Jose Oberholzer
Andrew Schomer Neurology Prediction of Cardiac Instability Following Seizures Jaideep Kapur
Chantal Scott Obstetrics/Gynecology Contraception and the medically complex woman: Attitudes, practices and barriers to contraceptive care among primary care physicians at an academic referral center Linda Duska
Justin Smith Psychiatry/Neurobehavioral Sciences Hypogonadism and Depression in Men
Scott Sperling Neurology Improving Virginia’s Dementia Capability Donna Broshek
Dushant Uppal Medicine Outcomes in anticoagulated patients with Acute pancreatitis and Splanchnic Vein thrombosis Andrew Wang