Communication & Governance

Action Plans 

  1. Provide opportunities for Dean Wilkes to directly communicate with and engage faculty and SOM leaders in decision making
    • Dean Wilkes meets quarterly with SOM Faculty Senators to engage in governance discussions
    • Dean Wilkes meets quarterly with small groups of junior faculty
    • Dean Wilkes and Senior Associate Deans attend departmental faculty meetings
    • Dean Wilkes has an “open door” policy and meets regularly with faculty who schedule time to come to his office
  2. Develop and launch Junior Faculty Development Program
  3. Implement new Department Annual Review (DAR) process
  4. Create department chair leadership series and onboarding program
  5. Provide annual notification to faculty of governance opportunities in the School of Medicine and at the University including the Faculty Senate, General Faculty Council, and 11 SOM standing committees
  6. Disseminate minutes from key leadership groups and meetings
  7. Provide additional channels of communication and engagement with faculty and leaders: