Professional Development & Advancement

Departmental Action Plans

  1. Review current departmental annual review forms and procedures and make recommendations for improvement
  2. Meet with all new faculty within 6 months of hire to orient to promotion and tenure and to introduce to professional development opportunities
  3. Meet with all junior and mid-level faculty every 1-2 years to review professional development progress and work on plan to address any weaknesses
  4. Assist division chiefs in ensuring that all faculty promotion and tenure applications are complete and appropriately vetted prior to being forwarded to departmental P&T committee
  5. Foster greater transparency in and commitment to sponsoring our faculty for professional development opportunities, award nominations, and honorary society memberships
  6. Integrate faculty more formally into education activities of the School of Medicine
  7. Develop summer faculty development lecture series
  8. Provide series of instructional and motivational 2-hour seminars on developing resiliency and adaptability