Master Educator Award (GME)

  • To recognize and reward individuals who have provided major contributions to Graduate Medical Education (GME) at the University of Virginia.
  • To provide a mechanism for channeling institutional investment into the careers of those exceptional teachers whose future efforts are expected to have significant additional influence on long-term resident training and education at UVA.

The award is $5,000 and 5% salary support for faculty
development in GME.; the deadline is late June 2020 (date TBD).

The Award

The Medical Center will offer two Master Educator Awards annually, one to a junior and a second to a senior faculty. Each award will provide:

A cash bonus of $5000 to the awardees.
An allocation of funds to the awardees’ home department that would be sufficient to provide up to 5% time dedicated time for one year (using the NIH grant allocation formula at maximum levels currently in effect). This released time would be used for innovative educational development and research activities not otherwise supported.
Recognition in the various School of Medicine and University of Virginia Teaching Excellence forums.

  1. Serving as major role models for the trainees with whom they interact and representing the best of the clinical educator genre.
  2. Helping to give substance and content to the goals and objectives of competency-based education.
  3. Influencing their faculty colleagues and peers regarding the goals and objectives of the new approaches and strategies of GME, especially competency-based learning.
  4. Providing service and leadership to the clinical educational process at the institutional and/or national level.
  1. GME Office will survey trainees about which faculty have had significant positive influences on their development at UVA. Nomination letters not more than one page in length should be submitted to the GME Office.
  2. A task force convened by the DIO will review these nominations. The group will identify the top 10-15 nominees from this group and request formal nominating documents from the departments of those selected. For programs with fewer than 20 residents, no more than 3 nominations will be selected. For programs with more than 20 residents, no more than 2 nominations will be selected.
  3. The nomination package shall include a letter of support from the chair or program director of no more than three pages documenting the anticipated future contributions of the candidate, plus at least one letter from a:
    • Faculty colleague,
    • Former resident,
    • Current resident.
    • And a statement from the nominee stating how the 5% protected effort will be used to further GME at UVA.
  4.  The task force will review the nominations and make recommendations to the CEO for the awards annually.
  5. Once the awards are designated the awardees will work with their chairs to develop a plan for implementation of the award that is consistent with the awardees’ goals and the needs of the department.

There is a 5 year exclusionary period for previous Award winners

Contact: Susan Kirk
Phone: 434-924-1175


Award Recipients

2019 Master Educator Award Recipients


Ted M. Burns, MD, Associate Professor of Neurology
James D. Bergin, MD, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine


Keith Littlewood, MD, Anesthesiology
Bruce Schirmer, MD, Surgery