MilliPub Club

The MilliPub Club

Getting exemplary research funded and then having that work published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal is the goal of many of our academic faculty members. When that work is cited heavily in literature it becomes an accomplishment worthy of formal recognition from the University. Having a single paper cited over 1,000 times deserves both commendation and commemoration. Founded in 2012, the MilliPub Club acknowledges and honors the scholarly achievements of current School of Medicine faculty members who have authored at least one article that has been cited 1,000 times or more and serves to commend and commemorate the research efforts of these esteemed colleagues. The names of MilliPub Club members are displayed on a plaque in the lobby of the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library.

MilliPub Club Members

MilliPub Club Members 2018

Tarek A. Abbas, PhD, Radiation Oncology
Robert M. Carey, MD, Medicine
Wei-Min Chen, PhD, Public Health Sciences
Noelle D. Dwyer, PhD, Cell Biology
Richard L. Guerrant, MD, Medicine
Peter M. Kasson, MD, PhD, Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics
David Scott Lim, MD, Medicine
George H. Lindbeck, MD, Emergency Medicine
Kevin R. Lynch, PhD, Pharmacology
Edward Perez-Reyes, PhD, Pharmacology
Benjamin W. Purow, MD, Neurology
Christopher Rembold, MD, Medicine
Noah S. Schenkman, MD, Urology
David Schiff, MD, Neurology
Nathan C. Sheffield, PhD, Public Health Sciences
Bernard V. Thisse, PhD, Cell Biology
Christine I. Thisse, PhD, Cell Biology
Steven S. Wasserman, PhD, Dean’s Office
Zhen Yan, PhD, Medicine
Chan Choo Yap, PhD, Cell Biology
Chongzhi Zang, PhD, Public Health Sciences
Martha A. Zeiger, MD, Surgery

MilliPub Club Members 2016

Gorav Ailawadi, MD, Surgery
Paula Q. Barrett, PhD, Pharmacology
Stephen H. Caldwell, MD, Medicine
John M. Dent, MD, Medicine
Robert Dreicer, MD, Medicine
Ziv J. Haskal, MD, Radiology and Medical Imaging
John Kern, MD, Surgery
Alexander L. (Sasha) Klibanov, PhD, Medicine
Irving L. Kron, MD, Surgery
Mani S. Mahadevan, PhD, Pathology
J. Randall Moorman, MD, Medicine
Steven A. Newman, MD, Ophthalmology
Bruce E. Prum, Jr., MD, Ophthalmology
Michael Ragosta, III, MD, Medicine
W. Michael Scheld, MD, Medicine
Bruce Schirmer, MD, Surgery
Scott O. Zeitlin, PhD, Neuroscience

MilliPub Club Members 2013

W. Kline Bolton, MD, Medicine
Daniel J. Burke, PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Steven T. DeKosky, MD, Neurology
Ira M. Hall, PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Donald F. Hunt, PhD, Chemistry and Pathology
Jeh-Ping (Serena) Liu, PhD, Neuroscience
Aaron R. Quinlan, PhD, Public Health Sciences
P. Todd Stukenberg, PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Michael J. Weber, PhD, Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology

MilliPub Club Members 2012

Robert D. Abbott, PhD, Public Health Sciences
George A. Bellar, MD, Medicine
David L. Brautigan, PhD, Microbiology Immunology & Cancer Biology
John DiMarco, MD, PhD, Medicine
Anindya Dutta, MBBS, PhD, Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics
Arthur Garson, Jr, MD, Public Health Sciences
Felicia Gaskin, PhD, Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences
Barry M. Gumbiner, PhD, Cell Biology
E. Clarke Haley, Jr., MD, Neurology
Alan F. Horwitz, PhD, Cell Biology
John A. Jane, MD, PhD, Neurological Surgery
Shyr-Te Ju, PhD, Medicine
Neal F. Kassell, MD, Neurological Surgery
Ellen C. Keeley, MD, Medicine
Gordon W. Laurie, PhD, Cell Biology
Michael B. Lawrence, PhD, Biochemical Engineering
Marty W. Mayo, PhD, Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics
Wladek Minor, PhD, Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics
Christopher A. Moskaluk, MD, PhD, Pathology
James P. Nataro, MD, PhD, Pediatrics
Edward H. Oldfield, MD, Neurological Surgery
Gary K. Owens, PhD, Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics
J. Thomas Parsons, PhD, Microbiology Immunology & Cancer Biology
William R. Pearson, PhD, Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics
Thomas A. Platts-Mills, BM, Bch, PhD, FRS, Medicine
Steven M. Powell, MD, Medicine
Frank T. Saulsbury, MD, Pediatrics
Nina J. Solenski, MD, Neurology
Avril V. Somlyo, PhD, Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics
William R. Steers, MD, Urology
Michael O. Thorner, MBBS, Medicine
Kenneth S. Tung, MBBS, Pathology
Michael E. Williams, MD, Medicine
David L. Wotton, PhD, Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics